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Piezoelectric Diffuser

SCENTS RISER is innovative diffuser which can atomize natural essential aroma oil directly. It is difficult to diffuse to air directly because natural essential oil is very thick. SCENTS RISER is compact and enables to diffuse natural essential oil to air.
Direct diffusing of essential oil, which can’t be realized until now, enables to fill high quality aroma widely and efficiently without destroying the composition of aroma. SCENTS RISER excels in safety and quiet operation. Embedded CPU realized multiple uses in not only aromatherapy market but various fields.

SR-101(for Business Use) Motion sensor, Battery available                                      OEM Available The world’s first small sized Aroma Diffuser, atomizing aroma oil without water and heating. High quality scents of pure aroma oil realized.
SR-202 (for Interior) Motion sensor, Battery available                                      OEM Available Sophisticated design high quality scents realized. You can enjoy true scents of aroma oil for relaxing and refreshment.