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MRI Communication System  MR-1000

Noise in MRI inspection
MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is the machine which can get information inside human body by using magnetic waves inside large magnet. Because it is unnecessary to use X-ray, it is safely examined without irradiation. Quality of image becomes better in proportion to strength of a magnetic field. We can receive required information for in a short time. There may be the problem which patients cannot hear doctor’s voice in noisy condition rated over 100 dB., depending on machine.
※Noise rated 100 dB. is almost equal to noise under the elevated railway tracks. Generally, some protection means (earplug or earphone) are needed under noisy condition rated 100dB.
Voice communication realized, under noisy and strong magnetic field

Realized mutual communication between doctor (engineer) and patient in powerful magnetic conditions by using Piezoelectric speaker and microphone which have no effect on magnetic field environment.