PRIVACY POLICY 当社の各方面に対する方針になります


The Privacy policy of Nippon MMIT Inc. applies to website and service provided by us.

We handle personal information provided by our customers with extreme caution and respect privacy of our customers. We supervise in order to maintain the proper management, when we handle personal information of our customers. In this privacy policy, we state the classes of information, way to use, and way to change information.

1.Personal Information

We use personal information for the purpose as blow:

For improving our service

Unless we have your permission, we will never provide other companies and group. In case our customer requests other company to receive service through us, we may provide personal information to this company. In case we judge that the customer create disadvantage for third party, the activity of customer contravenes a law and court, police or national authority ask for corporation, we may provide personal and registration information for third party or police and related authority.

2.Management of personal information

We manage in following system;

We maintain internal system according to Private Information Protection Law and collects the pledge card signed by our staff which they handle personal information properly. Also, we take precaution; limited staff can access personal information and we establish rule for storage and management of media stored personal information.
Regarding personal information stored on system, we create account and password which only related staff can know, and we manage access authority. We strictly protect account and password from misuse and leakage.
Under the assumption that our service is not interfered, we will delete personal data as needed after the elapse of a certain period of time.

3.Change our Privacy Policy

All changes of our privacy policy will be posted first at this area of this site. If we change our privacy policy significantly, we will announce on this site and show the link to new privacy policy
<Enquiries and comments>
Please send your enquiry and comment for our privacy policy to following contact information.
We will try to make a prompt reply for enquiries and comments of our customers. We will review and keep comments of customers in order to offer our customers more efficient services. We will correct and delete information, when needed.

Please send your enquiry regarding our privacy policy tohere.